Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioners
Don’t have duct work? Still lugging those heavy window units out of the attic and struggling to mount them into your windows? What? Can’t hear the conversation over the noise of your portable air conditioners?

Problem solved! Ductless (or duct-free) split air conditioning systems provide quiet, complete cooling in one room or the whole house (up to five rooms).

carrier-duct-free-cutawayCarrier ductless split air conditioning systems cool 1 to 5 rooms. CarrierĀ® ductless systems are innovative heating and cooling solutions that make sure non-ducted spaces are as comfortable as any ducted space, so you can expand your living and work areas. These high-efficiency systems can also help you save money by keeping your most-used rooms optimally comfortable, are perfect for rooms over the garage that may only be used when you have guests, or newly built additions.

Carrier ductfree split air conditioning systems easily blend in with any decor and are operated wirelessly by remote control.

Bonus! They heat too!

duct free acQuieter, safer, and more efficient than window air conditioners, duct-free (or ductless) split system heat pumps also offer efficient heating during moderate outdoor weather.

Comfort Tech’s expert service technicians can help you determine the best ductfree split system for your home and have it installed within a few days. High wall-mounted system installations require only a small hole through the wall to connect piĀ  pe from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Then it just takes an electrical connection outside and a few screws to mount the unit to the wall, and the installation is complete.

We provide residential and commercial air conditioning installation and maintenance services to Greene, Ulster and Dutchess Counties.

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